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Category Archives: SudokuSC

New version of Sudoku SpyCam:
– There is now a separate screen for the game and when starting the game, in the next version, the high scores will be accessible from this screen.
– Now you can start/stop the recording by pressing on the logo SudokuSC (or you can still use the search button).

Here are some screenshots of this new version, have fun:


Sudoku SpyCam has been updated, now there is a pause button to hide everything on screen.
Once hidden you can press the black screen to show everything back.

Here are some screenshots of the 1.2 version:

Here is an update for Sudoku SpyCam:

  • The application is now running in full screen
  • Customized buttons
  • New icon

In the next version, I will had a button to hide everything (board, buttons and logo) while taking a video.

Here are some screenshots of the 1.1 version:


SudokuSC is an android application available on the market. It allows you to capture video while playing sudoku:

  • Press the search button to start a video record, press it again to stop the record.
  • Press the menu button to change the video settings.
  • Press an empty cell to fill it with a number.
  • If the video recording is not working, you can try to change the video quality and the codec in the option menu
  • Remember to put your phone in vibrate or silent mode